international yoga teacher

Agathe has been a student of mine for over 6 years. During that time she has demonstrated both a love and dedication to the Ashtanga practice–and an amazing back bend. In the projects we have worked on together, Agathe has proven to be a technically skilled filmmaker who has a good knowledge of yoga and the ability to be unobtrusive as she works. She has my highest endorsement.


international yoga teacher

Yoga is essentially a spiritual tradition and the best videos and photos showcase not just the spectacular beauty of the posture but give you a hint towards the inner essence of the practice. Working with Agathe is a blessing. I’ve worked with many yogi-filmmakers and photographers and she is my top pick! As a dedicated practitioner herself she knows intimately what it means to devote yourself to the spiritual practice. Her videos and photos always contain an invitation to the inner depths of the practice. Not only is each video and image stunningly beautiful, executed with minute attention to detail, and delivered on with absolutely professionalism, but each video and photo seems to tell the story of her subject, inviting people to explore both themselves and the inner tradition of yoga.

Agathe Padovani